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Waterfront Living: Life on the Estuarial Waterways of Florida's Gulf Coast
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Life on the Estuarial Waterways of Florida's Gulf Coast

Kayaking down a smooth waterway Kayaking down a smooth waterway, boathouses in the distance

Many people think of life on the Gulf or one of the major harbors when they think of waterfront living in Florda, but some of the best boating on protected waters can be found up the creeks and rivers, where salt water meets fresh. The land is often not as expensive as waterfront property on the salt water harbors, or even the lots and houses on salt water canals. Find a navigable river which leads into the Atlantic or the Gulf, and if you go upstream a bit, you will find great waterfront living opportunities.

Protected Waters are Perfect for Small Boats of All Types

The protected waters are perfect for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. The mangrove marshes provide excellent fishing and habitat for abundant wildlife.

People build all kinds of waterfront homes on the estuarial waterways. Most folks just have a dock and use wood, concrete, or "rip rap" rock as a barrier to prevent erosion.

You see quite a few skiffs and pontoon boats up in the creeks and rivers where fresh water flows into salt. People who live on these waterways know that small boats with a shallow draft can open up worlds of opportunity for exploration where larger vessels cannot go. Upstream can be found all the interesting things in a cypress swamp or the Everglades marsh, and downstream are bays and harbors full of marine life.

If you buy property on one of these waterways, often it is not in a flood evacuation zone, since it is further inland and protected from hurricane storm surge. That can mean lower insurance premiums and considerably less damage if a hurricane actually hits your area.

The inland waterways offer property with a better quality of life and better protection from storms, and it costs less to buy homes or lots for development as you get a little further away from the coast.

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