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9 Tips To Help Your Home Sell Faster and For More Money
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9 Tips To Help Your Home Sell Faster and For More Money

  1. Check your yard: Mow the lawn, trim the trees, prune the shrubbery. Then take a critical look at everything in the yard, front and back, and get rid of everything that doesn't make the yard look better.
  2. Fix all plumbing problems: Dripping and leaky faucets, toilets that you have to jiggle the handle, and anything else that you've learned to live but someone new won't want to buy.
  3. Have the carpets cleaned: Nothing makes a nice home look ill-kept faster than a soiled carpet. Prospective buyers will walk in the door and immediately start subtracting thousands of dollars from their potential offer.
  4. Light it up: Replace burned-out light bulbs, place lamps strategically to light up dark corners, open the blinds and roll up the shades. A bright house seems like a happy house.
  5. Remove Evidence of Your Pet: Get rid of pet dander and smells, and board your pooch or cat elsewhere while the house is on the market.
  6. Clean out all closets, cabinets, and other storage areas: Pare down all the clothes in that overstuffed closet. An half-empty closet looks a lot larger than one that's filled to overflowing. Get rid of the clutter in the cabinets and drawers.
  7. Paint paint paint: A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any house, both interior and exterior. Paint is relatively inexpensive, and will do wonders for your home's appeal to potential buyers.
  8. Make sure everything works: When the potential buyer flips a switch, that switch should work, whether it's an overhead light fixture, a garage door opener, or a garbage disposal.
  9. Open and Close Everything: Make sure all door and windows open and close easily and smoothly without sticking. Drawers should pull open and push closed easily. Cabinet doors should be even and straight.

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